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Knight Vs Giant is a Remake of a 2013 hack and slashes action Flash game. We're remaking the game from scratch using a new engine with improved gameplay and graphics.

We are currently in the Alpha Phase of the development and we're scheduled to release the game on 2022 We hope you enjoy Knight Vs Giant! 

Please give us your feedback, to help improve the game. 

A Nameless Knight’s adventure to defeat massive Giant and restoring destroyed Kingdom.

  • Play as nameless Knight 
  • Kingdom have been destroyed by evil Giants
  • Must travel through portal defeat every giant in every area
  • Receive unique blessings from legendary knight to powerup  Knight skills and ability
  • Defeat the main villain who control the Giants and rebuild the Kingdom

- Engage in dynamic combat against various creatures.
- Random enemies encounter for unique experience on each gameplay.
- Choose your upgrades by receiving blessings from  legendary knight
- Find ways to defeat the powerful giants before they crush you!

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Really awesome Hack and Slash! The art is also pretty amazing! Great job!

This game is featured in my Top 5 of this Week! Check my video!

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wow, thanks gambir to create this game..

anyway, I made a stream when testing this game. I know this is not good stream but maybe it can help to make the game better